Monday, September 19, 2011

Chapel Hill Magazine cites “Fearrington Art Mecca” “Move over, Belties: Dozens of artists – and their studios – are bringing a new type of attention to the mixed-use community”

The September/October issue of Chapel Hill Magazine features a new organization of Fearringtoin artists. An article by Anna Norris, describes how, “Artist Studios at Fearrington Village is working to form a symbiotic relationship for both creative minds and the visibility of village attractions”. She continues, “Artist Studios now has roughly 50 members who will be listed in databases distributed around Fearrington and will be available for studio tours by appointment.” She focused on Fearrington’s unique location, “Surrounded by the Triangle, Greensboro, and Pinehurst, Fearrington is a central, easy-to-reach point for both artists and tourists.”

“Those people who are art lovers and nature lovers who live in these three areas can make a day of it, come see art, go to a great lunch and see the beautiful village with all the gardens...’ says Forrest Greenslade artist…”

Artist Studios at Fearrington Village will have an outdoor celebration of art: Art in the Village on October 9th at the Village Center. See:

Caption: Fearrington artist Forrest Greenslade with his metal and concrete sculpture, “Horus – Guardian of the Garden” Photo by Briana Brough, Chapel Hill Magazine

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