Monday, April 6, 2015

ASFV Featured on Artblog Triangle!

Randi Jean Veiberg is an artist, who explores and defines her creativity in more ways than one can count. She's a potter, painter, welder, writer, blogger, a social media maven and a webmaster extraordinaire.

Looking for opportunities to promote the Artist Studios at Fearrington Village I came across her blog Artblog Triangle. As I read her accounts of studio and gallery visits I felt her enthusiasm and understanding of both the artists' creative process and the work they produced. She knows how to listen and she does it well!

I invited her to a preview tour of six studios. Forrest Greenslade, Vietta Maher, Reynold Maher, Horty Jacobs, Vidabeth Bensen and Murry Handler opened their studios. The weather was North Carolina perfect, the artists welcoming and the art inspiring!

The Studio Tour is this Weekend!  Sunday, April 11 (10am-5pm) and Sunday, April 12 (12 noon-5pm).

Randi takes us along  for a Open Studio Tour preview of  six studios on her blog

Spend a little time reading her blog and you will become a fan!
Thank you, Randi for sharing our excitement.

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