Monday, October 13, 2014

Helen Kotsher, Exhibit at Galloway Ridge thru Dec.

You are invited to explore the beautiful paintings of Fearrington Artist, Helen Kotsher...

Artist Statement: “I have tried to find the essence of the subject and explore it to its fullest in color and space. The unusual color combinations I achieve evoke memories and perceptions of time and places. 

To me the negative space is an integral part of the subject matter and I am always looking for innovative ways to integrate the two.  I also believe that less is more. Therefore, what I leave to the viewer’s imagination makes him or her a participant in the creative process,” Helen Kotsher

Kotsher works in oils, pastels and mixed media.  Stop by Galloway Ridge to see her paintings on exhibit now thru Dec. 

She will be participating in the Fearrington Artists Open Studio Tour in April. This is one studio stop you will not want to miss!

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