Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tribute To A Remarkable Artist Joan Pokorney Sommers

Joan Pokorney Sommers (January 26, 1924 - November 28, 2013)

An invitation from her family...

Please join us at an open house reception celebrating Joan's life as an Artist, Designer, Teacher and Collector. March 29th 3-6 pm at her Studio in Fearrington Village. Discussion of her art and inspirations are encouraged. Light refreshments will be served.
Joan's Family,
Bill, Alison, Daria, Ben, Anne, Eric

You are welcome to post your discussion and/or inspirations here.
Request directions or  remembrances to share: lespalmerartstudio@gmail.com

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  1. From fellow artist, Murry Handler: "When I met Joan and we discovered that her early teacher, Diana Kan, was also a friend of mine, we bonded immediately.
    I felt as if Joan was one of my oldest, dearest friends even though we spoke only infrequently.
    Each time I saw any of her brush drawings I realized how much I had to learn."