Monday, October 21, 2013

What A Wonderful Day!

From ASFV Art in The Village 2013 Autumn Event Chair, Florence Johnson


What a wonderful day -  perfect weather, beautiful art and lots of people. I sincerely hope you had a great day.  

Also, please express your thanks to those who made today work so well: John Makowski for getting all set up in good  order; Jane and Zen Palkoski for the early morning get up to post our signs on the highway and in village and taking them down, too; Sandy Beach for keeping the website so current; Leslie Palmer for her fine work on the Facebook page and the blog; Betty Lindholm and her fellow musicians for adding "class"to our event....and BIG thanks to Forrest Greenslade and Matthew Leavitt for the publicity that helped get so many out today.


Thank you Florence for all your organizing support! 
Another successful Artist Studios At Fearrington Village Event!

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