Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fearrington Artists meet to discuss new organization’s future

More than 30 artists living and working in Fearrington Village met at the Fearrington Gathering Place to discuss the newly initiated Artists Studios at Fearrington Village.  Enid Handler lead the discussion of the Steering Committee’s activities over the summer, and announced a feature article in the September/OctoberChapel Hill Magazine about the insipient organization. Membership Chair, Leslie Palmer, demonstrated a new Portfolio Book with pages describing the backgrounds and artwork of member artists planning to open their studios to the public. The Portfolios will be on display in prominent locations in Fearrington Village for visitors to plan their own “tours” of studios. Public Relations Chair, Forrest Greenslade, outlined the program of electronic and print media tools being developed to inform the general public about Fearrington Village as an arts destination. Salon Chair, Roni Liberman, shared ideas for social interaction among artist members to encourage professional growth and enjoyment.

Our inaugural event, Art on the Village Lawn, was proposed by Enid Handler. This event is envisioned to be an introduction to the general public of Artist Studios at Fearrington Village, and will be  jointly sponsored by Fitch Creations on October 9th in the Village Center. The event was enthusiastically approved by the members present. 

Treasurer Florence Johnson gave a report of the early expenditures of Steering Committee members, and of financial needs for the future. She lead a discussion of organizational structure and asked for volunteers to join the SC. The members present approved the current Steering Committee to continue. SC member Forrest Greenslade thanked the artists who have played critical roles in instituting Artist Studios at Fearrington, especially Facilitator Enid Handler. “This organization could not have been hatched without Enid’s sage leadership” Greenslade noted. Handler agreed to serve as an occasional consultant to the organization in the future.

Artist Studios at Fearrington Village is an informal group of visual artists who live and work in Fearrington Village, a lovely country community near Chapel Hill with many creative and productive residents. 

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