Friday, May 6, 2011

Artist Studios at Fearrington Village Founded

"Artist Studios at Fearrington Village, a loosely organized group of artists and fine craftspeople living and creating at Fearrington. Potter Stan Pomeranz conceived of the idea and recruited a small cadre of founders to get things started. The group is working with Fitch Creations to coordinate efforts to increase awareness in the general public of the wonderful arts scene in Fearrington Village." Julia Hardy

Artist Studios at Fearrington Village is an informal group of visual artists who live and work in Fearrington Village, a lovely country community near Chapel Hill with many creative and productive residents. Our mission is to:
Attract visitors to our studios to experience the creative process;
Facilitate opportunities to exhibit and sell our artwork;
Enhance the lives of all in our community through the arts;
Promote Fearrington Village as an arts destination;
Support one another in our professional lives.
We welcome all Fearrington residents interested in creating art and fine crafts.

Caption: Recent work by Stan Pomeranz

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